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Phase 1: 

Business & Technological Planning

Applied Artificial




 & Software Engineering



Knowledge Kiosk

Phase 1:

Comprehensive Business & Technological Planning

Integrated business plans to reach the goals for your organization.

​Crivella Technologies helps to create world-class organizations and outstanding business performance by analyzing the interdisciplinary complexities of designing business processes.   We specialize in helping organizations effectively achieve success when facing the need for timely change.

Our Strategic Action Planning approach and methodology is widely acclaimed for delivering actionable plans of business change.  Crivella Technologies articulates how best to accomplish leaderships goals with the right solution and plan of action needed to accomplish them.  Our interdisciplinary approach helps leverage all of the expertise needed and fosters organizational understanding and buy-in for smooth advancement.

We help to translate business vision into actionable plans and efforts driving positive outcomes.

Applied Artificial Intelligence

We make AI a vital part of how business works.

Crivella Technologies applied Artificial Intelligence  (AI) applications, solutions and products continue to advance the way work is done. Our research and development efforts continue to create cutting edge AI science, methods, and algorithms that dramatically improve work processes, decision making, and analysis. 


Our advanced AI applications provide critical decision support and real-time process control and management in many modern businesses including the industrial, legal, insurance, health care, risk management, and law enforcement industries. Our AI engineering staff incorporates Crivella Technologies’ web-based Business Process Networks where AI-enabled decision analytics and applications are made available across integrated business networks.  Crivella Technologies accepts engagements for the engineering, design, and development of specialized AI process support applications.


Crivella Technologies pioneered the incorporation of human language into AI applications.  We develop process applications that harness real-time and historical process data, in conjunction with unstructured human language, to amplify the quality of decisions, eliminate redundant efforts, and to streamline complex processes resulting in increased efficiencies.

Crivella Technologies has more than 20 years of experience successfully making AI work in the real world. We have a deep understanding of AI-powered big data analytics, human language centered AI decision support systems, expert systems, deep learning neural networks, cognitive AI computing, and other key proven and emerging technologies.  


Crivella Technologies has provided key scientific contributions with foundation patents for AI analysis and mechanisms for cognitive computing.







Software & Systems Engineering 

Our interdisciplinary engineering approach to complex systems and proven technologies allows us to develop solutions that meet challenging business problems.  We specialize in the careful integration of departments and functions that can span organizational boundaries. 

Since 1986, Crivella Technologies’ team of experts have worked closely with leaders of major organizations to develop integrated solutions that meet the most pressing business concerns.  Our clients include national industrial businesses, military organizations, academic institutions, and large corporations.

Our systems engineering efforts include designing custom solutions for individual firms and extend in scope to industry-wide, cloud-based process applications.

Performance Process Engineering


Crivella Technologies' process data analytics is used in conjunction with its systems engineering methods to devise process operating performance standards.  These standards provide an effective mechanism for business coordination, which leads to improved overall business results.

The inconsistencies, clashing priorities, resulting inefficiencies, and lack of predictability are mitigated by establishing Targeted Operating Performance (TOP) standards for component processes.  TOP process standards are the basis for establishing interprocess and interdepartmental expectations, resource requirements, and accountability.  Crivella Technologies’ TOP standards can be developed for an individual process, or for an entire integrated process stream.  TOP standards can also be utilized as a basis for establishing clear expectations of vendors and materials suppliers as well as for establishing clear expectations for order specification and fulfillment. 

We provide the experience, methodology and, if needed, advanced data analysis to support the development of and adherence to TOP standards.

Data Fusion & Analytics

Modern equipment and communications generate enormous quantities of data which, to be managed and made useful, require advanced computational approaches, AI-enabled processing, and data synthesis capabilities.  Security and scalability are also an integral component, and at the forefront of data fusion.

Crivella Technologies creates technology  enabling the effective acquisition, processing, and synthesis of enormous amounts of structured and unstructured dataThis technology, known as Crivella Technologies Data Fusion  & Analytics is the foundation upon which our Business Process Applications are based.

Crivella Technologies is honored that leading corporate and institutional clients leverage Data Fusion and Business Process Applications, as a basis to conduct their important business.

Integrated Process Control Systems

Crivella Technologiesis proud of its 30 plus years of experience, and for being at the forefront of software engineering, design, development, and successful deployment. 

We continue to innovate and refine software engineering methods and standards that enable the development of business-critical applications meeting today’s requirements for security, speed, integrity, visualization, and web delivery – all in an integrated and streamlined manner.

Crivella Technologies' highly-skilled software engineering staff develops our Business Process Networks, AI Technology, and Data Fusion systems.

Process Control Applications utilizing AI and data fusion technologies are our core business focus.  Our experienced staff have successfully developed and deployed some of the world’s most recognized examples of advanced computing deployed in support of manufacturing operations, business decision support, and professional work centers.

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