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Crivella Technologies Limited is an innovation leader who invented and patented technologies that are transforming industries and business processes. We create and implement solutions that revolutionize the way work is performed. We anticipate needs and bring science and automation to businesses, professional services and scholarly investigative research. Our multidisciplinary staff includes business strategists, language experts, attorneys, and database and information technology experts.

Our roots are in the designing and modernization of business and information processes for large commercial and industrial enterprises. Crivella Technologies has a proud history of developing new methods for advanced manufacturing, systematic approaches to organizational development, and integrated business and manufacturing decision support and control systems. Crivella Technologies  has also developed cutting edge technology for the legal industry used in some of the most complex litigation in the nation.

Our notable projects included computer integrated manufacturing, decision support systems, and quality assurance programs for corporations such as US Steel, Goodyear Tire and Rubber, Corning Asahi Video Products, Chrysler and the United States Marine Corps.  Crivella Technologies' efforts helped Goodyear and Corning to win, respectively, Chrysler Excellence and Malcolm Baldrige Awards.  Crivella Technologies' system has also been used in over 60 mass tort litigations nationwide.

We have 30 years of experience redesigning fundamental methods of performing work and work management.  Today, our users continue to achieve competitive advantages in complex litigation, scholarly research, medical data, corporate investigations, and risk management resulting from our proprietary methods, unique and patented transformational technologies and linguistic expertise.

Crivella Technologies is a multi-disciplinary team of language experts, attorneys, business strategists, subject matter experts and technology engineers.   We are also a collaborative group of passionate, driven, dynamic and energetic people on a mission to help you work smarter.


Wayne Ackman

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Wayne Ackman serves Crivella Technologies as Partner and Chief Systems Architect.  Mr. Ackman is responsible for all software engineering and development, computing infrastructure and network design and security.  In these roles, Mr. Ackman contributes significantly to the technical designs for all of Crivella Technologies developed systems capabilities, including it’s business process networks, data fusion, AI and computational analytics systems.

Martha Boak

Martha Boak serves Crivella Technologies as Partner and Lead Business Process Network Architect.  In this capacity, Ms. Boak is responsible for ensuring the match of the business process networks to the demands of subscribers and users.  She is responsible for initiation and skills development of all new account holders and users, data migration and for assisting clients in exploiting the features and capabilities of these systems.  She is an expert in corporate risk mitigation and management, case assessment and management, and litigation document merit and privilege review.  Ms. Boak has previously served Crivella Technologies in the areas of finance, human resource management, and corporate administration networks.

Arthur Ray Crivella

Arthur Crivella founded Crivella West in 1986 along with his partner Wayne West.  Today, he runs Crivella Technologies Limited.  Mr. Crivella has been a leader in developing and applying advanced software engineering, systems engineering and artificial intelligence methodologies.  Mr. Crivella holds numerous foundation patents in the use of the internet for business purposes and in the field of Artificial Intelligence.  Mr. Crivella has served to create nationally recognized engineering achievements in the naval weapons, air logistics, depot maintenance, steel, aluminum, glass, tire and rubber, nuclear, specialty metals, nickel, food and other industries. 

Mr. Crivella has served as principal design engineer in the development of advanced weapons direction systems and wrap around simulation systems for naval guided missile systems, including the Terrier, Talos and Cruise Missile programs.  He served as Senior Design Project Engineer, in the development of major integrated information systems, decision support and control systems, developed to control the operations of major industrial facilities, including: the Hierarchical Computer Control System for The Timken Company’s Faircrest Steel Plant; the Integrated Controls System for Q-Bop and #2 Continuous Casting facility for United States Steel at it’s Gary Works; and major integrated computer control systems including those for Dofasco Steel, Algoma Steel, Tinker Air Logistics Center, Nuclear Fuels Reprocessing Center at the DOE’s Savannah River Site.  Mr. Crivella specializes in helping major corporate and institutional clients formulate Strategic Action Plans to help their leadership translate changes in business goals into concrete, manageable programs designed to accomplish the desired objectives.  In this capacity, Mr. Crivella personally served as principal business re-engineering architect, overseeing the development of the Integrated Business Plan for the modernization of the United States Marine Corps Depot Maintenance facilities; the Integrated Business Plan for the creation and development of the Voisey’s Bay Nickel Company; and similar action plans, program management and design engineering support for  Thomas Steel Strip, The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, Corning Glass, Samsung, and other leading industrial and manufacturing businesses.


Mr. Crivella serves as Crivella Technologies' President and CEO and further supports the company as lead designer of our Business Process Networks, which serve as vital AI-enabled work centers for industry wide network process integration, control, coordination and management application systems.  Mr. Crivella's engineering designs underpin Crivella West’s business process networks, which integrate the combined collaborative efforts of corporations, financial companies, risk management companies and professional firms.  Crivella Technologies' Business Process Networks support leading corporations in the management of risk, supports leading law firms and their clients in the substantiation of legal claims and liabilities; support leading lawyers in numerous class action mass tort litigation efforts; as well as professionals in law enforcement, academic research, and clinical medical care.

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Jessie Grabowski

Jessie Grabowski serves Crivella Technologies in Business Development.  She has an extensive background in selling IT software and consulting services to Federal Agencies, handling major contracts; and providing multi-level solutions.  Jessie has also worked as an operations systems integrator for large product manufacturers.  At Crivella Technologies, she has focused on strategic business development and UI/Web design, detailing the lines of business. 


Jessie is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and a minor in Equine Science.  She is based out of the Atlanta area with her two daughters, 4 horses and 3 rescue dogs. 

Mary Bridget Geever, Esq.

Mary Geever serves Crivella Technologies as Partner, Vice President and Chief Legal Officer.  She has been instrumental in shaping Crivella Technologies' business policies and conduct regarding it’s web based business process networks.  Ms. Geever has further helped the company shape it’s product and service offerings in support of case assessment and case management, and the support of mass tort and class action litigation efforts.  Ms. Geever is responsible for the overall legal affairs and matters of Crivella West any of our nation’s leading examples of process control, process automation and the application of AI and linguistic based algorithms to support advanced computational analytics. 

Ms. Geever is a graduate of The University of Pittsburgh School of Law.  She has privately practiced in many areas of business law and operated her own successful law firm.  Her deep knowledge of the business of Crivella Technologies and it’s clientele afford her a unique position devising commercial pricing plans that work effectively and fairly; negotiating client contracts; and for developing Crivella Technologies' commercial and privacy terms.  Ms. Geever is an expert in the capabilities and use of Technologies' BenchBar Commons business process network.  She contributes to the ongoing design of BenchBar Commons and is instrumental to the success of this application network in also meeting the demands of leading risk managers and lawyers.


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Bob Maloney

Serves as VP of Business Development. Primary Responsibilities include introducing and contracting Crivella Technologies' Cloud-based AI business and risk management process solutions and collaborative work systems to prospective corporate, academic/scholarly research clients and business partners..


 Prior to joining Crivella Technologies, Mr. Maloney held  various management positions included  within Toronto Dominion Securities, Inc's U.S. corporate and investment banking groups.  Starting with an initial focus in the publishing and insurance industries, Bob  later specialized in healthcare and public finance business, with extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, venture capital, senior and subordinated debt structuring, loan syndications, and custom design of derivatives solutions for corporate clients.


Following graduation from Lehigh University with a Business Administration, Mr. Maloney served three years of active duty as an officer in the U.S. Naval Reserve, achieving the rank of Lieutenant.  Bob volunteers as a mentor to Duquesne University Business School students and has also served as president of the NFP Board of Directors for Nine Mile Run Watershed Association.

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