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The Crivella System - Legal

Artificial Intelligence Enhancing the Practice of Law

Cloud Computing for Lawyers

Pioneering Applied Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

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  • Corporate Litigation Docket Management

  • Docket Management Express Notification

  • Underwriter Coordination & Express Notification

  • Automated Claim & Case Substantiation

  • Automated Fact Sheet Management & Analysis

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  • Litigation Document Management & Analysis

  • E-Discovery Testifying Experts

  • Meet & Confer Technical Support

  • 30(b)(6) Deposition Support

  • Integrated Discovery & Trial Technology

Litigation Document Management & Analysis
E-Discovery Testifying Experts
Meet & Confer Technical Support
30(6)(b) Deposition Support
Integrated Discovery & Trial Technology
Corporate Litigation Docket Management
Docket Management Express Notification
Underwriter Coordination & Express Notification
Automated Claim & Case Substantiation
Automated Fact Sheet Management & Analysis

“Art Crivella’s expertise when it comes to e-discovery was critical to our success in a recent class action.  He gave me the tools I needed to stop opposing counsel from playing any games when it came to electronically stored information.”

-Lori Andrus, Esquire

Andrus Anderson LLP

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"Crivella's new pricing model is very economical, even for one-off cases.   The responsiveness and support from Art and his team have been fantastic as well."

-Walter Kelley, Esquire

Bernheim Dolinsky Kelley, LLC

Co-lead, Stryker LFIT V40 MDL

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Document Management & Analysis

The Crivella System provides powerful document management and analysis tools to support lawyers working together in teams.  Using the system, legal teams and law firms can access all of their documents, work product and system capabilities via the web allowing work to be performed by different firms and at numerous locations.  The system is easy to use and affordable, even for one-off cases.  Sophisticated litigation document management is coupled with cutting-edge predictive coding, technology assisted review, advanced analysis of documents and metadata, and litigation project management features.  Crivella System accounts can be created to manage the documents and legal efforts for a single complex matter or to manage the efforts and documents across many matters.  Today, the Crivella System serves as the document management and attorney work hub for many of our nation’s largest and most complicated mass tort personal injury cases including such major matters as: Roundup Products Liability Litigation (MDL No. 2741); Stryker LFIT V40 Femoral Head Products Liability Litigation (MDL No. 2768); Transvaginal Mesh Products; Hernia Mesh Products and many others.


The affordability of the Crivella System allows cloud-based technology to be used across the spectrum of practice areas, cases sizes and legal assignments.  The features and ease of use allow firms to integrate across locations and to instantly join forces with other firms, experts, vendors and even clients to create seamless teams and work product.


Parties responding to requests for the production of documents can benefit by Crivella’s automated features for managing litigation holds, collection of litigation documents and data, total automation of all processing of documents, total automation of creating production document sets with associated metadata, and advanced features using AI to avoid legal mistakes such as the inadvertent production of privileged documents.  Parties receiving produced documents and metadata benefit from the speed and lower costs of total automation.  New documents are automatically analyzed for duplicates, prior drafts, and later partial reuse of text.  When appropriate, documents and metadata are analyzed for relevancy to case specific issues, privilege communications, missed redactions, and overall predicted assessment of responsiveness and importance.

E-Discovery Experts;

Meet & Confer

The E-discovery specialists at Crivella are experts in how complex organizations retain, use and communicate business records.  We have designed the large-scale integrated information management and decision support systems used by many of the world’s largest companies, so we know where potentially important records are located, and the amount of difficulty required to extract such records.  We are able to work hand in hand with corporate IT staff to ensure all proper preservation steps are taken, to minimize business disruption, and to ensure smooth coordination between the technical efforts and your legal team.


The Crivella System employs proprietary technology to identify custodians with important case related documents, types and forms of business records, language used in the course of business, third party sources of potentially important documents and other critical aspects of the ESI landscape.


Crivella E-discovery experts are able to join forces with your lawyers to ensure that your able to stand on an equal footing during Meet and Confer discovery negotiations and to avoid costly mistakes.  We are able to negotiate and establish all technical details concerning the production of documents, metadata, database extracts and the preservation and production of data from cloud-based collaboration systems and Software as a Service application platforms.


When called upon, Crivella E-discovery experts can prepare substantiated expert reports on any aspects of the production of documents and ESI.  When needed, we also can attend hearings, review motions and provide testimony to ensure that the lawyers in the case are properly prepared and supported.


The deposition of corporate representatives is another practice specialty of Crivella E-discovery experts.  We directly collaborate with counsel to prepare or respond to interrogatories and to support 30(b)(6) depositions.  When needed, Crivella experts assist attorneys in preparing for and conducting critical 30(b)(6) depositions.

Docket Management, Coordination & Control

Claims Substantiation & Analytics

National Litigation Centers

A workspace for state court cases not associated with an MDL, cases that share common facts needing coordination & unresolved cases where the MDL has shut down.
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National Mesh Products Litigation Center

If you are authorized you can gain access to case related documents & virtually collaborate with other litigants.  Currently the litigation center includes documents and work product related to MDL 2187 (Bard), 2326 (Boston Scientific), 2440 (Cook), 2327 (Ethicon), 2325 (AMS), all pending in the United States District Court for the Southern District of West Virginia.  Individual state case produced documents, data and dialogue are also encompassed within the litigation center.

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National Tobacco Litigation Center

The National Tobacco Litigation Center is a dedicated system and resource giving you access to the massive tobacco litigation related documents and data for your advanced research and collaboration.  The Tobacco Center contains the millions of public documents from the National Tobacco Litigation Settlement as well as a data bank of attorney work product and transcripts.  The Center also provides a place to work and communicate with other litigants in ongoing tobacco related cases.

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Prescription Opiate Litigation Center

The National Opioid Litigation Center is a dedicated system and resource for advanced research and collaboration for dealing with the devastating opioid crisis and resulting nationwide litigation.  The Opioid Center allows everyone involved in the prosecution of these cases to work together, sharing specific information and resources allowing virtual litigation teams to unite and collectively respond.

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