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Cloud based systems and support for advanced litigation discovery, corporate litigation docket management, and corporate risk control & coordination.


 Consulting & experience to assist companies and firms navigate the complexities of doing business in the cloud and cyber security.   Technological and Business Planning that considers all the variables of adapting business conduct for  the web.

Business Re-Engineering

for The Cloud


Improving profitability through new technology and methods. We help business leaders adapt their business to the cloud. 


We help design changes to organizations, processes and systems to capitalize on new technology.  We help work through the interdisciplinary complexities of designing new ways of doing business. 



Time and accuracy are critical aspects of litigation and we bring new methods and technology to lower litigation costs, avoid mistakes and identify critical fact patterns sooner.  We develop pioneering technology to advance how litigators prepare for trial.


Analytic driven document review and management, docket coordination and control, and claims management and analysis.  We lower costs and burdens by replacing disjointed systems through seamless integration and simplicity of use.

Risk Transfer

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Proper risk placement and avoiding costly mistake requires precision, dedication and thoroughness.  We offer total solutions to outsource the time consuming tasks in support of corporate risk managers.


Our technology integrates the actions and information needs of corporate risk managers, litigators, risk underwriters, outside counsel and vendors. 

Artificial Intelligence Research

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We collaborate with leading scholars and academic institutions to develop tomorrow's key technology in the areas of artificial intelligence, information analytics, and ways to use the internet to improve how work gets done.  

Our patented technology, experience, and computing resources are made available for select research and development initiatives.  


“The Faircrest computerization, the systems engineering effort that created it and how the controls and management systems are integrated into the fabric of Faircrest facility is the best I have ever seen.”


Dr. John H Manley,

Director DoD Software Engineering Institute


“The Miller Firm has been trying mass tort cases with the exceptional backing of Crivella Technologies for the last 7 years.


The Crivella System has taken over the mass tort arena in the U.S.  by radically improving the accuracy and speed of trial preparations - allowing firms like ours to greatly reduce our cost of preparing and trying complicated cases. 

Mike Miller,

Senior Partner, The Miller Firm; 

Plaintiffs’ Co-Lead Counsel and Co-Chair of the Executive Committee - RoundUp Products Liability Litigation (MDL 2741)




"I would recommend them to anyone looking for a dedicated and valuable litigation partner.  Their commitment to delivering the best service is their strongest trait.”

Nancy Miller, 

Senior Partner, The Miller Firm 


Recent Publication:



Arthur Crivella, Wesley M. Oliver, and Morgan Gray

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Adapt The Way Your Business Works In The Cloud

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