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Artificial Intelligence Driven Litigation Software

New Technology with Predictive Coding to Avoid Mistakes and to Identify Key Documents



Knowledge Kiosk

 Powerful Ai to review E-discovery documents and prepare for deposition, trial and motions.  Technology that allows a few experienced lawyers to do the work of many.  


Smart systems that help you avoid costly mistakes and remain on the job even when your attention is drawn elsewhere.  Technology that is always working and getting smarter.

Ai Power Centers:

 Purpose Built for Accuracy & Speed

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“Crivella is a legend in the Mass Tort world.  Art & his team invented the most powerful Artificial Intelligence tools in use today by attorneys to analyze and utilize data produced by defendants.


The work Crivella did in blasting apart bogus privilege claims of the defendant in the Avandia litigation is universally considered to be the most cutting edge application of Ai tools in the history of Mass Torts.” 

-Vance R. Andrus, Esquire

Andrus Wagstaff Attorneys at Law

Ai-enabled search and automated analysis to drive the review of litigation documents and legal preparations. 


Our Ai Driven E-discovery solution is proven in complex cases to empower a  small number of skilled lawyers to identify important factual patterns and key documents early in the discovery process, speeding time to trial. 


Machine learning, predictive Ai, and concept analyzers are used to identify critical people, documents, time frames, and relationships - creating a collaborative system for savvy legal teams. 


Our experts in Ai, advanced search and discovery help you and your team make advanced litigation Ai work for you and your clients.  


Uninterrupted Active Ai: Intelligence to Avoid Mistakes & Ensure Decision Consistency

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"Crivella Ai has been instrumental in identifying important sources of litigation data and driving settlement.  Beyond coordinated cases, Crivella's new pricing model is very economical, even for one-off cases.   The responsiveness and support from Art and his team have been fantastic as well."

-Walter Kelley, Esquire

Bernheim Dolinsky Kelley, LLC

Co-lead, Stryker LFIT V40 MDL

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Technology Assisted Review, leveraged with Ai, constantly  informs and monitors the quality of legal decisions; assesses discovery order compliance; and identifies important discovery documents for priority legal team review, while avoiding the risk of the team's efforts becoming diverted. 


Our Active Ai decision monitors work in the background to raise red flags to avoid mistakes, reconcile inconsistencies, and to focus on new information of importance. Crivella's Ai decision automation enables every legal decision made to continuously be applied to new information.  


Crivella Ai does more than just cut a big job down to size - it brings new forms of quality assurance to legal decision making.

Ai Automation:

Driving Down Document Collection & Management Costs

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“Crivella’s expertise when it comes to e-discovery was critical to our success in a recent class action.  He gave me the tools I needed to stop opposing counsel from playing any games when it came to electronically stored information.”

-Lori Andrus, Esquire

Andrus Anderson LLP

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"I would recommend Crivella to anyone looking for a dedicated and valuable litigation partner.  Their commitment to delivering the best service is their strongest trait.”

Nancy Miller, 

Senior Partner, The Miller Firm 


Everyone is moving beyond email and conventional documents.  Crivella Ai is designed to identify, access and analyze important e-discovery information in social media and other online applications. 

Crivella Ai is designed for now, when reliance on conventional email is growing less important and vital communications are increasingly being conducted in these new, online social forums.  Our unique, patented Ai capabilities enable litigation teams to capture and evaluate this vital information to create advantage in their litigation efforts.

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