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Applied Artificial Intelligence 

Creating Disruptive Innovation 

Law & Business

C Suite and Partners

Proven Artificial Intelligence technology for must-win situations. 


Disruptive change for advanced case preparation and due diligence.  AI Power Centers for new ways to prepare for depositions and motions, review litigation documents and prepare for trial.  Technology that allows a few capable lawyers to do work with unmatched speed and accuracy.  Artificial Intelligence that supersedes conventional technology assisted review. 

AI Driven Custodial Review Power Center

AI Driven Privilege Assertion Power Center

Drug Application Power Center

Device Design Power Center

Conspiracy Analysis Power Center

Claimant Analysis Power Center

Case Theme Power Center

Business AI applications and Power Centers are available as off the shelf applications or can be custom designed for your business needs.  Crivella AI technology can be applied to meet the demands of processes requiring intensive human decision making or in support of business transactions where cost of a small mistake or oversight is high. 

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“The Miller Firm has been trying mass tort cases with the exceptional backing of Crivella Technologies for the last seven years.


The Crivella System has taken over the mass tort arena in the U.S.  by radically improving the accuracy and speed of trial preparations - allowing firms like ours to greatly reduce our cost of preparing and trying complicated cases." 

Mike Miller,

Senior Partner, The Miller Firm; 

Plaintiffs’ Co-Lead Counsel and Co-Chair of the Executive Committee - RoundUp Products Liability Litigation (MDL 2741)




Risk Management

Risk and Claims Managers

Transactions where every word and action matters: Policymaster AI

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  Advanced analytics and patented tracking of risk placement notices and correspondence reduce the burden on internal staff and help avoid costly mistakes.

Crivella provides an integrated information system that allows risks and risk transfer to be efficiently managed and allows everyone involved to work from the the same, up to the minute, information.


Our experienced risk management staff can serve as an outsourced service to compliment your internal resources or to simply help on an as-needed basis. Our web based system integrates the actions and information needs of corporate risk managers, litigators, insurance underwriters, outside counsel, brokers and other vendors. 


Our Policy Master technology brings the latest advanced analytics to the insurance industry and corporations.  The Crivella System's Policy Master features provide for the effective management of the risk placement and renewal process and the burdensome task of precisely checking risk placement documents. 


The Crivella System provides a centralized library of all risk placement related documents and communications. 


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Business Planning

C Suite

Shaping your business to take full advantage of emerging technologies.

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We help you avoid adding new technology over old problems.  Crivella has the experience and methods to help make complimentary changes to your business in order to take full advantage of new AI and cloud-based technologies.  Our specialists can help your organization adapt and take prerequisite actions before new technologies are introduced. 


Our Phase I, Strategic Action Planning Methodology has been proven to provide an understanding of your organization and organizational needs necessary for management buy-in and a smooth implementation.


Artificial Intelligence and cloud-based decision support systems change the nature of how business gets done, we help bring the best of what's done today in a well-orchestrated program of technological and business change.

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“The Faircrest computerization, the systems engineering effort that created it and how the controls and management systems are integrated into the fabric of Faircrest facility is the best I have ever seen.”

Dr. John H Manley,

Director DoD Software Engineering Institute


Scholars and Faculty Members

Advancing AI research and commercialization opportunities.

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Working with scholars who need access to Advanced AI computing environments, Crivella joins forces to conduct important research into new AI, Natural Language Processing and other technologies and applications.  We bring our experience in commercialization, product development, design and proving concepts in real world problems to the research efforts of academia. 


It is our interest to engage with leading thinkers to advance basic research into the application of artificial intelligence generally with specific interest in cognitive computing, adaptive learning, machine learning and natural language processing.  We provide scholars, cost free, access to our technology and systems to support basic research and applied research in the areas of artificial intelligence in the law, business, economics, medicine and the humanities.  Collaborative work in these areas of research is available on a case by case basis depending upon resource availability.


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“Crivella Technologies could not be more generous with the time, talent, and technology it provides to academic institutions.  With their help, my colleagues and I have begun to integrate artificial intelligence into our research and teaching of the law.  They are true philanthropists who are helping us to change the way we understand the law and prepare our students for the future."

Wesley M. Oliver, J.D., LL.M., J.S.D.

Professor of Law, Duqusene University

Wes Oliver.jpg


Crivella Tech & Duquesne University will present "Coding Suspicion" at JURIX 2018 - The 31st international conference on Legal Knowledge and Information Systems December 12–14, 2018 in Groningen, The Netherlands.


JURIX 2018



The Crivella System


Crivella Technologies delivers business results through powerful web based business application systems that improve business results and save money.  Our cloud based applications enable your organization to work with other firms and stakeholders by spanning organizational boundaries.  Pin point control and coordination is achieved by everyone working together regardless of location and divisions.  Decision improving artificial intelligence, advanced analytics and automation help speed work and save money.

Crivella Technologies pioneered exploiting the cloud to do important work.  We can help you reshape and retool your organization to take full advantage of the web.  We offer critical business re-engineering that enables your organization to exploit new technology that has the biggest impact on your business.

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